The Pink Powderfuff

Saturday, 30 June 2012

FFS Friday Inspired by GlossQueen!

This week has not been a particularly good one so after gaining inspiration from my good friend Anissa I have decided a FFS Friday post is required.

Anissa's blog is awesome and she does the most hilarious FFS Friday posts. I adore reading them but it's maybe not such a good thing if you read them at three in the morning when everyone else in the house is sleeping soundly. I have been known to wake others up with my Miss Piggy snorting cackles of laughter!

So in a tribute to Gloss Queen here we go with a FFS Friday post.

Last weekend the last Perfume Connection in Tasmania closed down. FFS!

On Monday I bathed the puppies and made them look beautifully white and super fluffy. I took them for a walk later that day and the little boy Banjo decided he'd like to roll in a pile of horse poo. FFS! I had to bath him again about 5 times to get rid of all the horse poo in his coat FFS!

On Tuesday I had a severe flare up of my Neurological condition. This caused me to be in extreme amounts of nerve generated pain. FFS!

The pain was so bad I required an emergency appointment with my Specialist FFS! The Specialist asked me if I needed anything stronger for the pain? FFS!

I was referred to another new Specialist. FFS! I needed to send my new Specialist copies of my previous MRI scans in the mail along with the new referral. I went to the Post Office and realised I had forgotten the referral. FFS!

I was prescribed new medications. Like I needed any more of those. FFS! I went to my local Pharmacy who had strangely never heard of my new medications so told me they would get them in for me in around a weeks time. FFS! I walk out of the pharmacy and back to the car. I realised I had left my keys in the Pharmacy FFS!

I get home from the Pharmacy to find some moron is parked over my driveway so I couldn't get in. FFS! I have to Park on the street. FFS! The culprit turns out to be a neighbour's 80 year old Grandpa. FFS!

My Aunty comes to visit and see how I am doing. She brings me a big cake and a block of chocolate. She knows I am an unstable Diabetic. FFS!

My Dad decides he might need to turn the house water off whilst I am in the shower! FFS! After screams of horror and me angrily stomping through the house to see what was happening, Dad looks at me and says ''who showers at 12pm'' FFS!

Yesterday I saw my Specialist. He said ''you don't look well Karen'' FFS!

Yesterday I went to K-Mart and BIG W. There were toys everywhere in those stupid toy sales! FFS! I am blind in one eye. FFS. I run into a toy display and knock the entire thing down. FFS! Everybody looks at me accusingly. FFS!

Last night I went to watch Desperate Housewives on my Hard Drive and managed to delete it instead. FFS!

I have weed my pants a few times lately due to my kidney issues. FFS! I am stupid enough to tell others. FFS! Others think it is hilarious. FFS! My Aunty suggested Incontinence Pads for the elderly. FFS!

I haven't been sleeping well. FFS! Pain has been keeping me awake. FFS! My puppies are also not sleeping well. FFS! They want to play in the middle of the night at sub zero temperatures. FFS!

Female puppy Molly decides she will poop on the foyer floor to save going out in the frost. FFS! When Mum finds it she screams at me. FFS! I end up cleaning it up. FFS! Female puppy decides it might be fun to do it again. FFS!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have finally split! FFS! As if we didn't see that coming. FFS! I wonder if Suri will get another cupcake, some heels and a million dollars as a parental Divorce gift? FFS!

That is my rant over. FFS!

Project 50 Pan Update!

Sorry it's been a while since my last update! You know how it is, life happens and you get distracted and then you get lazy and can't be bothered. I have exciting news about P50P so stay tuned for my update and pics coming in the next few days!