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Friday, 17 February 2012

Clean Fragrances

Last weekend I had a little interstate trip and did a little shopping. I went a little crazy on fragrances.

I was wandering around Kit Cosmetics when I came across the Clean Fragrance range. I am currently loving crisp clean scented fragrances so naturally I had to stop and have a sniff.

(Pictured Above Left to Right - Clean Shower Fresh EDP, Warm Cotton EDP and Fresh Laundry EDP)

There are around five different fragrances in the Clean range. I decided to get three of them in the 30ml bottles ($45 each) because I couldn't decide which I liked better. You can also get the fragrances in 60ml bottles for $76.95 each or the cute 10ml roller balls for $24.95 each). As far as I know Clean fragrances are sold exclusively through Kit Cosmetics and Mecca Maxima Stores in Australia.

I have worn each of these fragrances and I still can't decide which one is my favourite. They last a good six to eight hours on my skin so their staying power gets a big thumbs up from me.

When I apply these fragrances they make me feel so fresh and clean (hence the name). The scents evoke feelings of just getting out of the shower and feeling all crisp and clean or perhaps even just getting into fresh white sheets on my bed.

Anyone that knows me personally will tell you that perfume is like my crack. It makes me happy and can transform my mood in an instant. I am digging these Clean fragrances like nobodies business and I am so hooked on them that I am considering ordering the others that I didn't get. Best of all Clean is an eco-conscious collection so no harm is done to the environment with these.

Call me strange but this morning I bathed my two fur babies Banjo and Molly and it suddenly occurred to me that the Clean Fragrances would smell good on them to. Okay so there's nothing worse than the scent of wet doggy, so after their blow dry I spritzed a little Warm Cotton into their coats. I get the impression that Banjo was really feeling it but Molly still prefers her beloved Katy Perry Purrrr. I'll keep that in mind for future reference LOL!!

For anyone who likes clean, crisp, fresh scents I highly recommend checking out the Clean range. The best thing about them is that they aren't common so you will certainly have something unique when wearing them.

Note: I am not sponsored by Clean fragrances or Kit Cosmetics. All products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.


  1. I love Clean fragrances, they are so fresh and lovely. I only have one at the moment (the regular Clean one) but am planning on getting more of them. It's a shame they didn't come in a little pack with all the different versions.

  2. Ohhh, I just checked, they have them on strawberrynet and they have a pack with 5 of the different versions.

  3. Oooooooooooooh, heading over to check them out!