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Monday, 20 February 2012

My Second Visit To The Benefit Brow Bar!

My regular readers will remember that just prior to Christmas I had my first visit to a Benefit Brow Bar. Whilst I was away I decided I would give them another go and see how my two experiences compared.

On my first visit you will recall that the Benefit team tried to sell me everything but the kitchen sink but the service I received was great. I wish I could say the same this time. Upon walking into the Myer Store the actual assistant that ended up doing my Brow Shape was standing outside smoking. After signing into the brow bar she returned inside the Brow Bar and called out my name. Thankfully she did use some hand disinfectant before commencing my brow shape.

I took my seat and told my service consultant I just wanted a brow tidy. She was very rough with me and I can't remember feeling so much discomfort before during a wax. She was slapping wax on and ripping it off very roughly, not even applying pressure for some relief after taking the wax strips off. Thankfully my ordeal was over in under 7 minutes. We conversed very little. What truly surprised me was that she didn't try to sell me anything. I was a little concerned that she didn't bother to freshen up my makeup or conceal any of the redness which stuck out like nobodies business after she had finished. I didn't care I just wanted out of there!

The next day I had red bumps all around my brows. I have experienced this before on a few occasions but it isn't typical. This settled within a few days and in general I was very happy with how my brows had been shaped. Now a week later they look great. However the unpleasant experience really wasn't worth it.

My general thoughts are that I will not be returning to a Benefit Brow Bar again anytime in the near future. I would much prefer to stick to a Beauty Salon where I am made feel comfortable and welcome. I am really disappointed because I love Benefit as a brand. I think that I will stick to just purchasing their products in the future.

Note: I am not sponsored by Benefit or Benefit Brow Bars. My service was fully paid for by my own money and all opinions are exclusively my own.

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  1. That's disgusting! I'm surprised you went back after your first visit, I don't blame you for never going back again!