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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

GlassHouse and Dusk Candle Haul

Recently I did a little shopping and picked up some Christmas Candles from Glasshouse and Dusk. Nothing makes me get into the festive spirit like some good Christmas scents. I also picked up a couple of Dusk's Aromatherapy items whilst I was in store.

Glasshouse White Christmas Candle - This is a new release for Glasshouse. Also back for Christmas 2011 is The Night Before Christmas (Dancing Sugar Plums) which has been released in previous years.

Glasshouse White Christmas smells amazing and consists of notes including Cedar Leaf, Fruity Clove, Eucalyptus and Pine. It also comes in a snowflake covered glass container. Priced at $39.95 this candle will burn for up to 100 hours. Glasshouse candles will fill an entire room with fragrance. All Glasshouse candles are triple scented for an extra strong scent throw. In my opinion Glasshouse candles represent the best value for money as the quality of the candles are outstanding. Glasshouse Candles can be purchased online from

Dusk has an amazing selection of products for Christmas this year. The Candle Hurricanes I saw in store were just gorgeous. I must go back there to get a couple. Dusk's Christmas scents include White Christmas, Gingerbread, Berry Christmas, Christmas Tree, Mistletoe & Cranberry, Sandalwood & Spiced Pear, Velvet Cream and Red Forest.

I picked up Gingerbread and White Christmas for myself in the glass containers which cost $23 each. I also picked up some matching Melts which cost $4 each or you can purchase 5 for $15.

Dusk Gingerbread - This candle smells good enough to eat. Every year my God Children delight in making a Gingerbread House and decorating it with my Mum. This candle smells exactly like the annual Gingerbread House.

Dusk White Christmas - This is a combination of Sweet Pea and Vanilla intermixed. It smells very sweet and reminds me of my cousins famous White Christmas Slice she makes every year. Totally delicious and calorie free this candle rocks!

I am having a bit of a melt phase at the moment so whilst I was at Dusk I picked up a container of Dusk's Aromatherapy Melts. In the packs you get 10 Melts for $28. Dusk's Aromatherapy Melts smell incredible and the scents can really help lift my mood or aid in helping me go off to sleep.

Finally I couldn't resist getting a couple of Dusk's aromatherapy room sprays. They looked so pretty sitting on the shelf that I couldn't help myself. I purchased Awakening which consists of Lime and Tangerine. It is so refreshing and uplifting I just love it. I also purchased Harmony which consists of Geranium and Lavender. I don't usually like lavender but mixed with geranium it is gorgeous. I absolutely adore this fragrance. These room sprays smell so good and the best part is that they are only $13 each.

All Dusk products are available at Dusk stores or online from

Note: I am not sponsored by Glasshouse or Dusk. All products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


  1. So funny to read this now, I have both Dusk and Glasshouse burning in my house tonight. Dusk Freesia and Glasshouse Leura. They go well together, at least in a big house. The rain scented breeze from the back door is spreading them around nicely :)
    Did you see Lust Have It have Glasshouse on board now? It was enough to make me finally sign up.

  2. Nice haul! I'll be interested to hear what you think of the room sprays. I need to get myself to Dusk to check out their christmas products.