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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Special Guest - Maltese Molly

Dear Readers,
I am very excited to be this weeks special guest on The Pink Powderpuff. My name is Molly and I am a 1 year old pure bread Maltese beautyista. I am going to share lots of information about my experiences in the beauty world with you all today.

Maltese Molly Fact No 1 - My favourite perfume is Katy Perry. Considering this is in a cat bottle you might think this is strange but I love it. When I have finished my morning paw lick I like a spritz of Katy Perry behind my ears. I find it really gets me off to a good start in the mornings.

Matltese Molly Fact No 2 - My favourite lipstick is Sweetie by M.A.C! I like to share this with my friends when they come over to play. I take a lot of care when I apply it to friends and a tip I will share with you, dear readers, is that a lip liner is not required to complete this gorgeous look.

Maltese Molly Fact No 3 - I love the Doggy Day Spa and I attend every eight weeks for a pawdicure, pawlish, cut, blowdry and ribbon application. A girl must keep up her maintenance in order to uphold her image. My favourite pawlish colour is OPI Sweetheart because I feel it really matches my personality.

Maltese Molly Fact No 4 - My favourite designers are Chewnel, Chewy Vuitton and Sniffany & Co.

Maltese Molly Fact No 5 - My favourite brand of collar and lead is Louis Vuitton. I like to match my Mummy's handbags. I also like Tiffany & Co charms for my collar. I think they look cute but if you find me please don't send me back to Tiffany & Co New York as I like my house better.

Maltese Molly Fact No 6 - I take a long luxurious bubble bath every week. I like a drop or two of orange and lemon oil in my bath, Mummy says it makes me smell ever so good. I also like to use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner in my coat. I use Mummy's when she's not looking.

Maltese Molly Fact No 7 - My favourite skin care brand is Beauty and The Bees. It is a Tasmanian Company and I love the Baby Balm for my Paws when they get a bit dry.

Maltese Molly Fact No 8 - I will give all of my dear readers my top beauty tips but shhhh don't tell anyone else okay. Always use sunscreen on your nose. Sun burn will age you like a pitbull terrier and let's face it nobody wants to look like one of those! Also drink lots of water from a bowl as it does wonders for my complexion.

Maltese Molly Fact No 9 - I look to Dr Harry for style advice. He gets some strange looking birds on that show, some from as far away as Queensland.

Maltese Molly Fact No 10 - When I finish a hard days work I like to kick back and enjoy a puppacino whilst reading my magazine DOGUE. Whilst doing this I usually enjoy a snout mask from Lush. My favourite is Cupcake.

Well dear readers I hope you have enjoyed my words of wisdom and more importantly learned something from my tips. I have to go and work out now as I need to maintain my figure. Sending you all puppy love

Maltese Molly xxxx

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  1. Haha, I love this post, Molly is so cute! She looks lovely in your Sweetie lipstick, cheeky little girl.