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Friday, 25 November 2011

M.A.C Dazzlesphere Haul

I have been very well behaved so far this season. I normally sweat on M.A.C's Holiday Collections like an alcoholic waiting for the nearest pub to open in the morning!

In the past five years I have just about purchased every single thing from the M.A.C Holiday collections. Of course I didn't really need any of it but since it was there staring me in the face and I was able to purchase it for less than half the price in America as opposed to here in Australia through Hopshopgo I thought I may as well go ahead and get it.

This year has been different. I have realised that I have so much makeup that I have hardly or never used that I have decided to curb my spending. I am finding it hard to justify spending a huge amount of money on makeup when there are people dying from famine overseas and people living in poverty here in Australia.

So for the M.A.C Holiday 2011 I have purchased two things. One of them is for me and the other is for my giveaway which you all need to enter if you haven't done so.

I really liked the look of the Dazzlesphere Ornaments. Priced at $65 from M.A.C Counters and

Being a pinkaholic of course I had to get myself the Pink Ornament and I thought the safe option was to get the Neutral Dazzlesphere to giveaway to a subscriber.

(Pictured Above Left to right- Dazzleglasses in Rags To Riches and Like Venus and Cremesheen Glasses in Fashion Scoop and Petite Indulgence).

This Pink Dazzlesphere is my dream set of lip glosses. By now you would all know that I am obsessed with pink makeup products but usually when I buy things like glosses in sets there's always one shade that I don't like or wouldn't wear, this is not the case with this set. I love every single colour. I like to get a bit of sparkle on my lips over the festive season and I really enjoy M.A.C Dazzleglasses and I am obsessed with Cremesheen's. I think this would make an awesome gift for someone. It is so pretty and I can tell you with no uncertainty that I will not regret this purchase.

I am not going to undo the Neutral Dazzlesphere because I want it to be lovely and new for the winner of my giveaway. However it includes two Dazzleglasses and two Cremesheen Glasses in Boy Bait, Bare Necessity, Over Indulgence and Get Rich Quick.

Note: I am not sponsored by M.A.C Cosmetics. All products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


  1. These are so cute! I love all the colours too. Once again you're posting about things that I want to buy now!

  2. Oooooh pretty, pretty packaging! The Pinks will be gorgeous on you Kxo, such interesting but wearable shades, usually there's at least one EAURGH NOOO shade in those packs. This coming from the girl [*cough*ancient old hag*cough*] who never ever wore pink lips til last year too! Talk about learning curves! Aren't the shades mostly re-promotes & permanents tho?

    Ooo btw, have you had a chance to play with your Love My Box box yet? The Sunsilk Keratinology [or whatever it is] & the Caudalie goodies intrigued me . . .

    x julesy