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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bioderma H2O Makeup Remover.

I first heard about Bioderma Makeup Remover from Lisa Eldridge on You Tube. She is a celebrity Makeup Artist with clients including Kate Winslet. After Lisa's Video suddenly videos on this product started popping up everywhere.

The appealing factor of this product to me was the fact that it claimed to be extremely gentle on the face and eyes. Due to having very sensitive eyes and skin that is becoming more sensitive as I get older I was keen to locate some of this and give it a try. So many eye makeup removers burn my eyes or leave a stinging sensation and to be honest I expected that Bioderma would also.

I managed to track down Bioderma from an overseas company and I purchased a couple of 500ml bottles for around $32 Australian each. I can honestly say that I think I have found my favourite eye makeup remover ever! Not only is it extremely cost effective but it also easily removes all my eye makeup and doesn't sting or burn at all. I simply apply a little to a cotton pad and sweep across my eyes.

Bioderma can be difficult to find due to it being a brand mainly sold in French Pharmacies. However I did notice a little sample bottle in this months Lust Have It subscription box so I am assuming they will be selling it in their online shop here in Australia soon.

Note: I am not sponsored by any of the brands or companies listed above. All products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.


  1. I really like this, they are stocking it in Australia, but there are not very many stockists. The Australian retail price for this is $40 for 250ml. Where did you find yours?? You got a bargain!

  2. WooHoo, I can comment now! I really need to try this, haven't seen it in any stores here though xxx