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Monday, 17 October 2011

Lush Haul

Yesterday I popped into Lush because I knew they had their Christmas stock in. I have loved Lush for years now but up until almost 2 years ago we never had a Lush store in Hobart and I always had to order everything via mail order.

I remember visiting Melbourne (which I do relatively often) and finding Lush in Swanston Street for the first time. My clearest memory of the store is that I could smell it before I could see it.

When Lush arrived in Hobart it was Christmas time and I remember being the 1st customer there waiting for the doors to open. I looked like a nelly no friends standing in Murray Street waiting for the doors to open. In the end the staff came out and said ''we're so sorry but we won't be opening for a few hours as we are behind''. The look of utter disappointment on my face was enough to guilt them into letting me in to do my shopping. So here I was in Lush all by myself with a huge basket loading everything I could get my hands on into it.

I have always loved Lush at Christmas mainly because of Snow Fairy, the pink glittery shower gel they bring out every year. I always buy enough of it to last me all year until the next Christmas. If Lush ever discontinue Snow Fairy I will be sure to hold a massive protest on a global scale!

So yesterday I popped into Lush Hobart and purchased this:

A more up close and personal view of the products:

(Above Back Left to Right: Abombinaball Bath Ballistic, The Melting Snowman Bath Melt, Fizzbanger Bath Ballistic, Front Left To Right: So White Bath Ballistic, Rocketeer Bath Ballistic and Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic).

(Above: Snow Fairy Shower Gel, Oatfix Fresh Face Mask, Glogg Shower Gel, Ultrabalm, Celebrate Tinted Lip Balm and Snow Fairy Tinted Lip Balm).

(Above: Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Three Gold Rings Bubble Bar, Superstars Bubble Bar and 2 x Australian Igloo Sugar Scrubs).

(Above: Sugarbabe Sugar Scrub, Rockstar Soap, Summer Pudding Soap, Angel's Delight Soap, Summer Pudding Soap and Snowcake soap).

So there you have my Lush Haul. If there is anything anyone would like to know more about or me to do a review on please pop a question in the comments below and I will get back to you.

You can purchase Lush Products from Lush Stores or Online in Australia at You can also find prices of all the products here.

Note: I am not associated with or sponsored by Lush Cosmetics. All products were purchased by me.


  1. Awesome choices! I went to Lush last week but they didn't have their christmas stock in yet. I'm going to have to make another visit to the city cause I need some of the christmas products and they sell out so fast!

  2. Oh, what's the Celebrate balm like? Do I need it?

  3. It's a gorgeous pale pink shimmery balm. I will take a pic in better light tomorrow and post it! xxxx

  4. Thanks gorgeous. It sounds like I need it xxx

  5. Steph and I make a point of hitting up Lush every time I am up that way . 24 hour visit - we go to Lush. Even if it means no coffee, we go to Lush.