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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Napolean Perdis Colour Disc Eye Shadows

The other day on my little journey through Hobart I stopped by my Beauty Therapists to get a little bit of a brow tidy. The lovely Ella had the most beautiful combination of eye shadows on and I decided to ask what they were.

It turns out Ella was wearing a couple of Napolean Perdis Colour Disk Shades. Of course when I went to purchase these shades the salon was out of stock so I went to another makeup store and purchased a couple of shades and then came home and ordered the shades Ella was wearing online.

I got a call today to say the Salon had got new stock and the shadows I had wanted were there if I still wanted them. I decided to take them even though I had ordered them online because I am going to do a pretty awesome giveaway involving some gorgeous makeup in the near future and I am going to include them in that.

I have quite a few Napolean Perdis colour disk eye shadows. I personally love these. The pigmentation of them is great and the shadows are beautiful to work with. They are very easy to blend and look gorgeous on the eyes.

Here is a pic of two shades I have picked up. I will do another post on the other two once I have collected them from the Post Office.

(Pictured Above Left to Right: Napolean Perdis Colour Disks in Molton Chocolate and Bronze Age).

Bronze Age is a cool toned bronze shade with a shimmer finish. Molton Chocolate is a rich dark chocolate brown with silver glitter reflects in it. These shadows are so soft and velvety. They are a dream to blend and retail here in Australia for $29 each. They are huge in size compared to a M.A.C shadow and come in a clear compact case with a built in mirror.

It's a big statement to make but I would go as far to say that I like the Napolean Perdis Colour Disk shadows more than my M.A.C eye shadows.

I absolutely love a neutral eye, pink lip and cheek look on myself. I have way too many neutral eye shadows but I just can't stop buying them. Neutral shades are just so easy to pop on without having to give too much thought to your makeup look and neutral colours go with everything.

I give these Napolean Perdis Colour Disks a big thumbs up. They represent great value for money and have a large range of colours to choose from.

Napolean Perdis products can be purchased online at or from

Note: I am not sponsored by Napolean Perdis Cosmetics. All products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


  1. I never pay much attention to Napoleon products, but those eyeshadows are beautiful! Clearly I need to have a look, especially if they are better than MAC!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Napoleon Perdis (like half of my make collection is done by him) and I agree, the formula for these shadows is amazing. I love the brights because of the amazing pigmentation. Those a very pretty colours :)
    Grace xx

  3. Napolean products have copped a fair bagging by a lot of people I know. I honestly believe that Napoleans products are amazing. Okay not everything is great but tell me a brand where everything is great!

    The Napolean Perdis shadows are fantastic. Very similar to M.A.C Veluxe Pearls in texture. His foundations are also great!

    Grace what are your favourite products from Napolean? xxxx

  4. @ Kxo
    the New blush patrol for sure, so versitile and pretty!