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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wednesday Mini Haul Beauty & The Bees and Lush

Yesterday I met a friend for an amazing Japanese lunch and afterwards we stopped by a Tasmanian store called Beauty & The Bees. Beauty & The Bees is a Tasmanian owned company specialising in natural skincare made with honey and other natural ingredients. Being a proud Tasmanian of course I have been all over this brand for years and they have the most darling little shop in Hobart's Centrepoint.

I have fads whereby I will be in at Beauty & The Bees every other week and then will go on to something else and not visit the store for ages. Yesterday I renewed the fad. I have purchased a lot of skin care recently so I restrained myself and only picked up a couple of things.

I am a complete floozie when it comes to skin care. I never stay loyal to just one brand, and I probably have enough for 10 lifetimes. I have never been into all natural skin care although I am now finding I am really enjoying natural products a lot which, coupled with my Audra James goodies I received the other day, inspired my visit to Beauty & The Bees.

Yesterday I picked up from Beauty & The Bees:

Lemon Pure Essential Oil 10ml - $19.95
Lemon, Lime and Avocado Soap - $7.95
Leatherwood Honey and Olive Pure Tasmanian Lavender Protective Moisture Cream 120ml - $35.95
Rosewater Flowerpetal Toning Mist 100ml - $19.95

I also stopped by Lush yesterday as I wanted to get my favourite Fresh Face Mask Oat Fix. Lush was out of stock but were expecting a fresh shipment today. I was also excited to learn that all of Lush's Christmas goodies are available in store as of Friday this week. I will be cruising in there like nobodies business over the weekend that's for sure.

I ended up just picking up another Toner. Eau Roma Water 100g for $7.95. I adore this to spritz on my pillows and skin. It only contains rose and lavender waters. It's also great to pop in the fridge on hot days and take with me in my bag to freshen up or cool down in the heat.

Beauty & The Bees Products are available from and Lush Cosmetics are available from in Australia.

Note: I am not associated with or sponsored by Beauty & The Bees or Lush Cosmetics. All products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Two of my favourite stores, Beauty and the Bees and Lush. You were very restrained! I went to Lush on Thursday, I was hoping that the christmas stock was in but it wasn't, which was probably good for my credit card :)