The Pink Powderfuff

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Welcome To The Pink Powderfuff

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. My name is Karen and I am a 33 year old beauty product junkie from a little place called Hobart in Tasmania, Australia.

The Pink Powderfuff is going to be a little journal about my life and endless pursuits to find the ultimate beauty products on the market. There will be hauls, product reviews and probably quite a bit of rambling involved. Some of you will laugh at me, others will laugh with me but at the end of the day who cares as long as we have fun along the way.

I will share with you my favourite places to shop online, my favourite brands as well as things and people that inspire me.

Be warned I do take my shopping very seriously (as every girl worth her weight in gold should). So again welcome and if you feel so inclined do feel free to follow me.

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  1. Hi gorgeous girl! I'm so excited you've started blogging again!

  2. Hi there darl, big wave out to you from up here in Far North Queensland. Welcome to another super special beauty blogger, will enjoy following your blog xxx ooo