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Monday, 10 October 2011

New M.A.C Paint Pots - Posh Paradise Collection 2011

From Top Left: Genuine Treasure, Treasure Hunt. Bottom Left: Nubile and Imaginary.

On Friday I may have accidentally stumbled into my M.A.C counter at Myer Hobart to suss out the new Paint Pots from The Posh Paradise Collection. Okay who am I kidding, I went in there knowing I was going to walk out of there with some of these Paint Pots. I was shocked that my M.A.C Counter actually had any stock as I usually have to resort to buying what I want online.

I love M.A.C Paint Pots. I would say that they are probably my favourite M.A.C product ever. They are amazing in that they are multifunctional and can be used alone or as a base for eye shadow. I use them as an eye shadow base. They really give your eye shadow truly amazing colour pay off. They can be applied with your fingers or a brush. I like to use my M.A.C 228 Mini Shader Brush to put them on.

In the Posh Paradise Collection there are 8 new Paint Pots. I purchased four of them and liked them so much I ordered the other four online. A girl can never have too many Paint Pots right? Here in Australia Paint Pots are available from M.A.C Stores and Counters for $35 each.

In honesty you probably only need one paint pot especially if you are just starting out in cosmetics and have quite a few things you need to get for your collection. Being the beauty junkie that I am of course I need more than that!

Some very average swatches of my four new Paint Pots.

Over the weekend I went out every day and evening which gave me ample opportunity to play with my new Paint Pots. Here are my thoughts:

Genuine Treasure: A gorgeous cool dark brown with antique gold shimmer reflects. The texture of this paint pot is very different to any other Paint Pot I have ever tried. It isn't smooth and you can feel the fine glittery particles in it. I found I had to use quite a lot of product to get the colour intensity to stay put. I was disappointed as this was the colour I was most excited about getting. After a little time and effort it did look lovely on my eyes.

Hidden Treasure: This is a beautiful yellow gold shade. It has very good colour pay off, is smooth in texture and very easy to apply.

Nubile: This colour is a neutral peach tone. It reminds me of M.A.C's Rubenesque Paint Pot but without the shimmer. This colour is so versatile and I can see myself getting quite a lot of use out of this particular colour. It is a very soft and creamy texture and applies very easily to the lid.

Imaginary: This is a very intense dark navy colour that has a purple dimension to it. It has amazing pigmentation and a smooth easy to apply texture. This would be fabulous for creating a smokey eye look or just adding an extra little bit of drama to the eyes.

I will add pictures, reviews and swatches to the blog of my other Paint Pots from the collection when they arrive.

Note: I am not associated with M.A.C Cosmetics in anyway. All products were purchased by me with my own money. The reviews posted here are entirely my own and not sponsored in any way.

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  1. They are so pretty! I'm going to have to check them out when I'm in the city next time.