The Pink Powderfuff

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pink Powderpuff Ramble

Hi Guys,
I have been missing in action for a few days due to a few computer issues after my little girl puppy Molly decided to vomit over my keyboard. No biggie except my computer is a laptop! Anyway I have had my computer fixed and I'm back.



I have some hauls coming up for you tomorrow. I am also really looking forward to sharing an interview I am doing with a totally awesome Makeup Artist with you. I think it's also time for another giveaway!

There's lots coming up here on The Pink Powder Puff so watch this space!


  1. Oh the bubs are beeyoootiful! Molly does look like such a little diva, what a face. Banjo is an adorable boy. Give them some kisses for me, please!

    Ooh, count me in for any giveaways lol. I am loving your new blog, so glad you are back !!! I am v interested in the Sigma brushes after your review, want the round top buki sooo bad. Any idea what the "precision" ones are like / for? They seem too big for eye work, except maybe for concealer & laying down base paint pot - which is what I'd want them for. Would rather spend more $ on good quality than Elf or Models Prefer: false budgeting always bites you in the arse esp with things like brushes.

    Can we have an update some time on how the Sigma set is going, how you are making them work for you?

    xo jules

  2. Hi Jules,
    I will review the brushes for you very soon. The round top Kabuki is awesome. I used it today to apply some cream blush! xxxx

  3. Thank you so much sweetie! I will def be putting in an order. The sets are brilliant value of course but even individually the synthetic kabukis are close in price to similar brushes in Models Prefer's Professional line, & massively better quality & range!

    Just a couple q's for review: What did you pay for shipping? How do the brushes feel against the skin? Sometimes I find MAC 187 quite scratchy against sensitised skin. Do they feel balanced to hold, good shaped handles? [they look nice & chunky but still manageable]

    xo jules