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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lush Haul

Yesterday I popped into to Lush again because I wanted to get my hands on the Limited Edition Halloween products. I am a sucker for Limited Edition products and I get quite anxious about missing out on them. I was really glad that my Lush store still had everything I wanted available.

Here is what I purchased:

1. Twilight Shower Gel - A limited edition Halloween Shower Gel. Contains lavender, ylang ylang and tonka absolute. I am not usually a lavender scent person but there is something soothing about this shower gel and it will be lovely to use before bed in the evenings ($9.95 for 100g Bottle).

2. Ghost Shower Gel - A limited edition Halloween Shower Gel. I have actually had this one before in previous years. This gel is infused with rose and dove orchid. It smells like lilies ($9.95 for 100g Bottle).

3. Snow Fairy Shower Gel - I got more of this limited edition Christmas Shower Gel. It is one of my favourite scents ever so I can never have too much of this ($9.95 for 100g Bottle).

4. Dirty Shower Gel - A spearmint scented shower gel designed for men. However as with all Lush products there are no definite rules and I thought this one would be a great pick me up on mornings I need a little kick start to get going ($8.95 for 100g Bottle).

5. 2 x Lady Catrina Soaps - A limited edition Halloween Soap. Lime and neroli scented this is a gorgeous smelling soap. I liked it so much last year I purchased enough of it to last me until this year ($6.25 per 100g).

6. Northern Lights Soap - This limited edition Christmas pine and lime scented soap smells so uplifting and delicious ($6.90 for 100g).

7. Angels Delight - Again I purchased more of this soap as I just adore it's sweet fruity scent ($6.90 for 100g).

8. Aqua Marina Cleanser - I am not usually a fan of Lush skin care but this cleanser is so calming I decided to pick one up. Wrapped in seaweed and containing kaolin this is really great if you suffer from a bit if redness or have upset skin. I remembering using this after being a little sun burned once and it was great ($15.95 for 100g).

9. Snow Globe Soap - Another of Lush's limited edition Christmas Soaps. I loved this one last year and regretted not buying more. It contains such an uplifting scent of lemongrass and lemon myrtle. Bliss!

All products are available from Lush Stores or online in Australia from

Something else I have noted is that different countries have some products which differ from the products we have here in Australia for occasions such as Halloween.

Note: I am not sponsored by Lush. All products were purchased by me and all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh I went the day before the Halloween stuff came out:( I really want Twilight and Ghost, they sound ace. I hope they have them left when I get to Lush!

  2. Hi Emma, They have sold out online so hopefully your store will still have some xxxx

  3. K, I know this is a Lush post but any idea what the Body Shop's Christmas fragrances are this year?